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The Scholarship Hall of Fame


Angela Goodwin


Janine Dickson

Janine Dickson, is our 2015-2016 recipient and looking forward to teaching our future generations. Janine writes, “Because of your generosity, I am continuing my journey to obtain my degree to teach, a dream of mine for 30 years. Being a single mom has always put a strain on the budget and a limit on what I can accomplish on my own. Through your generosity, I am able to afford the classes I need this school year as well as the books and continue my journey of obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education. I feel very blessed to have been chosen for this scholarship and words cannot truly express the gratitude I have for such generosity you have shown in helping me achieve my dream of teaching. Thank you for being a blessing to me." The Dicksons


Carmen Cathey

Carmen Cathey, our 2014-2015 recipient, says it best - "Words can’t express what this scholarship means to me. I am a single mother of four and my youngest and only son has autism. Because my son requires so much of my time, it is hard to work and attend school. With the scholarship I am able to pay for my classes and stay at home more to take care of my son. After my divorce I was left to take care of my family by myself. I am an immigrant to the United States and have no family here. I decided the only way I was going to take care of myself and my family was with an education that would bring a solid income. Education is freedom and self-sufficiency that opens doors and minds. It challenges me to fully understand my strengths. I am now a junior at Texas A&M University – Commerce and on my last semester before starting my internship. I am forever grateful to the Essary family for their love and generosity." Carmen & family


Elizabeth Ransom

Elizabeth Ransom is our 2013-2014 recipient and is ambition personified !


Karis Strannemar

Karis Strannemar earned her 2012-2013 scholarship. Karis is a single mother of three: a third grader, a recent high school graduate and a 26 year old working full-time in Austin. Karis came to live in Collin County after living in a rural area where there were few jobs and limited avenues to further her education. Returning to school after 30 years, she is working towards her Associate Degree in Health Information Management. Her goal is to attend the University of North Texas for a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences with a focus on Gerontology and Acute Rehabilitation Management. This will enable her to work extensively focusing on coding and information management for the elderly. Karis credits part of her success to her children for their patience and understanding as well as her parent's support. Karis & family.


Cindy Shaw

Our 2011-2012 recipient is Cindy Shaw, a recently divorced mother of two: a 17 yr old high school senior and a 4 yr old preschooler. Her son was born with several congenital heart defects and has undergone two open heart surgeries. She is on the board of directors of a CHD support group and has spent a considerable amount of time in a hospital setting. It is because of this that she is starting her life over and pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a pediatric nurse, which will enable her to give the same type of care to other kids that her son has received. Cindy & family.


Amanda Cunningham

Amanda Cunningham is our deserving 2010-2011 scholarship recipient. Since Amanda was young she has always had an urge to help others around her, to inspire them to do their best and help them in any way she could. In spite of all the hardships she has been through as she matured, she has realized she wants to help others by sharing her life experiences, knowledge and leading by example. Amanda is currently pursuing her Associate of Arts degree at Collin College and expects to transfer to one of Collin’s new four year programs with UT Dallas to pursue a BS in either business administration or communications. She feels being in a leadership or mentoring role and leading by example will trickle down to others around her. She's determined to inspire others to do their best, enrich our community and bring success to all she meets. Amanda is a proud mother of two school age boys, works full time and volunteers within her community whenever she can. Dakhota, Amanda and Alex.


Jaime Brown

Our 2009-2010 recipient is Jaime Brown. Jaime is setting the perfect example for her four lovely children through her studies at Collin College. Inspired by family health issues, she’s showing her children and community the difference education can make in realizing dreams. We have no doubt Jaime will achieve her career in respiratory therapy. Jaime and her daughter.


Tina Hinkle

The 2008-2009 recipient is Tina Hinkle, the proud mother of two wonderful children who each day inspire her to do great things and never give up. Tina's goal is to one day motivate and inspire children in the classroom, teaching them that they can move mountains and to always reach for the stars. Collin College celebrates Tina's achievement.


Caroline Langton

The 2004-2005 recipient is Caroline Langton. Caroline used her scholarship to take my ethics class and aced it!
Caroline and her mom, who also attended Collin College.


Lorena Boutari

The 2003-2004 recipient is Lorena Boutari. We are extremely excited about Lorena taking advantage of the scholarship to further her education at CCCCD.


Jennifer Pruitt

The 2002-2003 recipient is Jennifer Pruitt. Jennifer has overcome significant hardships as a single mom in an effort to make a better life for her daughter and herself. Go Jennifer, you're THE example for many!


Eileen Ward

The 2001-2002 recipient was Eileen Ward. Eileen, a single mom, used the Promise Program at CCCCD to gain the confidence she needed to balance a job, her two children and their household.


Jeannine King

Our 2000-2001 recipient was Jeannine King. Jeannine took advantage of the opportunities at CCCCD and has moved back home to New York. In addition to continuing her education, Jeannine has purchased a vacant church and is in the process of converting it to a daycare center. She will be helping more moms continue their educations. Jeannine is already a success, regardless of what the future holds. I also hear Jeannine's son, Anthony, is doing well in school. Go Anthony!
Jeannine's gift to Springville, NY


Staci Runge

Our 1998-1999 scholarship recipient was Staci Runge who used the funds to further her education at the college and ultimately benefit her son Christopher.


Tanika Domingeaux

Our 1997-1998, and first, scholarship recipient was Tanika Domingeaux. Tanika used her scholarship to further her desire to benefit others through a career in nursing. As a single mom, Tanika's ambition and drive will not only benefit future patients, but her daughter Kaelin as well. Congratulations Tanika!

We were, once again, honored with funding from CCCCD President Cary Israel for a 2003 Engaged Faculty Scholarship. We found Brandon Jones' recent service to his country in Kuwait very worthy of our scholarship. Brandon, a CCCCD student when he was called to service, unselfishly gave of himself. Dr. Israel has made it possible for CCCCD to give something back to Brandon. THANKS, Brandon!!!  

We were honored (Spring 2002) with funding from CCCCD President Cary Israel for a 2002 Engaged Faculty Scholarship. We found Lisa Hargrove's ambition very deserving, especially considering health problems and her drive as a single mom of two children. Lisa's headed toward a degree in Emergency Management. Kate and Neil should be very proud of their mom!

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