Carl Friedrich Gauss
(1777 - 1855)

A mathematical prodigy from an early age, Gauss is considered one of the top three mathematicians. Gauss proved the fundamental theorem of algebra for his dissertation. He worked many different fields of mathematics, including number theory, differential equations, and geometry, as well as physics. For more information on his life, there is a biography. View a page of his work.



April is Mathematics Awareness Month

April is Mathematics Awareness Month, and the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics announced this years theme is "Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery". Click here for more information on Math Awareness Month.

Riemann Hypothesis One of 7 Millenium Problems

The Clay Mathematics Institute selected seven mathematical problems as their Millenium Problems and are offering a prize of $1 million for a solution to each problem. One of the problems is the Riemann Hypothesis.

Other Math in the News.

Let f be a real-valued function on the plane such that for every square ABCD in the plane, f(A) + f(B) + f(C) + f(D) = 0. Does it follow that
(P) = 0 for all points P in the plane.

Source: The 70th William Lowell Putman Mathematical Competition (Saturday, December 5, 2009).

For more information on the Putnam Mathematical Competition.

The Problem of the Week for the MATH 2305 - Discrete Mathematics class. (Source: Professor Jason Rosenhouse)

Week 1 Problem


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