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Rocks/Minerals/Structure of the Earth

Cannonballs Float in Mercury
Carbon and the Release of Energy


Earthquake vs. Warehouse
Security Cam Footage of Earthquake
Damage from the 3/11/11 Sendai Earthquake
Grocery during 3/11/11 Sendai Earthquake
3/11/11 Sendai Earthquake Shifts Planet Balance
3/11/11 Sendai Earthquake: Raw Footage


1974 Iceland
Models of Yellowstone Caldera
Surtseyan Explosion
Pyroclastic Flows, the Silent Killers
Dave Crockett and MSH
Unzen and the Krafts

Landslides and Sinkholes

Polk, TN
Landslides in Berkeley, CA and around the World
Calabria Landslide, Italy
Strangest Man-made Sinkhole
North Cliffs Landslide

Ocean Processes: General, Tsunami, and Seiche

Boxing Day Tsunami
Remember the Lituya Bay HUGE wave?
Firsthand Accounts of Lituya Bay
Computer Model to Explain Tsunami Destructiveness
90 foot (?) Waves and Aircraft Carriers
Swimming Pool Seiche
Cruise Ship Seiche
Flower Garden Banks

The Atmosphe and Bad Weather

Slow Motion Lightning
Man Skydives from Space
Tornado vs. Highway Overpass
Mammatus Clouds
Six Months of Winter? Could You Stand a Week?
Cruise Ships and Cyclones
Animation of the Coriolis effect over Earth's surface
More on Coriolis effect

Planets and Asteroids

A Note on Astronomical Size
The Look of the Planets from the Moon's Orbit?

Environmental Science

Air Pollution
China and Air Pollution
NASA and the Ozone Hole
What Is Smog?
World's Best vs. Worst Air
Centralia, PA
How Water Purification is Done
Hanford Nuclear Repository
Radioactive Pootonium
100+ Species Go Extinct Daily
Bottled vs. Tap Water
Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil
Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi
Timelapse of Nuclear Explosions - 1945 to 1998
TED: Building a Toaster from Scratch
In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center, Wylie, TX
A "Kid-focused" Basic Primer into Environmental Health (NIH)
Viruses that Eat Other Viruses
AIDS Outlook in the World
Science of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill


The Intelligence of Crows
Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man
Balloon Bass and Box
Amateur instrumentalist
Two cellos solo: Smooth Criminal
Rex the Robotic Exoskeleton
Truth in Marketing
Everything is Amazing, But Nobody's Happy


Giant Crack in Africa
McDonald's Fillet O'Fish
Cuyahoga River Fire 1
Megacrystals in Mexico
White Sand Beach Loss
Ashes to Diamonds, Dust to Dust for all you "diamond doubters"
One of the World's Highest Quality Diamonds
Uranium-polluted Water
Spanish Flu vs. Swine Flu

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Volcanological Articles/Links

Geologic History of the Long Valley Caldera
A brief synopsis of the history of LVC by the USGS Long Valley Volcano Observatory.

Krakatoa: The Last Days
Discovery Channel reenactment of the 1883 Krakatoa Eruption.

Mount St. Helens
A Volcano Rekindled: The Renewed Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 20042006: Professional Paper
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Photo Gallery
The many faces of Mt St Helens: A website from a native resident.
Earth Observatory photos of recent dome growth
The May 1980 Debris Avalanche: 1980-Current
Pre-May 18, 1980 Images
Eruptions of Mount St. Helens: Past, Present, and Future, USGS Special Interest Publication.
A wealth of MSH Images

Smithsonian Institution - Global Volcanism Program: Worldwide Holocene Volcano and Eruption Information
A listing of all active volcanoes in the world (eruptions within last 10,000 years). Maps and weekly activity reports.

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Books and Video Lists

A fierce, green fire
The history of the environmental movement in America
(library ref: HC110.E5 S46 1993)

Debate about the earth : approach to geophysics through analysis of continental drift
This book details (mostly) in layman's terms the history of plate tectonics
(library ref: QE501 .T313)

Plate tectonics : an insider's history of the modern theory of the Earth
This book details the scientists behind plate tectonics and their discoveries
(library ref: QE511.4 .P53 2003)
The Universe
Episodes spanning "10 Ways to Destroy Earth" to "Edge of Space". (library ref: QB982 .U55)
Cane Toads: An Unnatural History
Investigate how cricket bats, tires, and Venezuelan Cane Toads come together in Australia
(library ref: QL668.E227 C36 1988 vid - VHS)

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Digital Library for Earth System Education

Atlas of Rocks, Minerals, and Textures
Picture study of common microtextures in thin section for igneous and metamorphic rocks. It's also a good guide to minerals in PP and CP.

Downloadable Geology Animations
This website is a storehouse for exciting geologic animations. These may help you understand difficult concepts.

Faults in Motion
Cool animations to explain fault behavior. Check out the video detailing colossal earthquakes in the southeast.

Google Earth
Freely downloadable. While you wouldn't expect this to really tell you about the geology of earth, with its coverage of remote areas and now the seafloor, this tool is of immense utility for casual explorer.

Igneous Rocks Tutorial
A detailed website on the genesis and characteristics of igneous rocks.

Intro to Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
A resource from the author, John Winter. Corrections to the text, assignments, and lectures.

SciTable by Nature Education
A free science library and personal learning tool.

Smithsonian's Dynamic Earth
An elementary yet interesting visual lecture on different aspects of Earth.

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Reference Material

Geoscience World

Google Scholar

J.M.N.T. Gray
Granular avalanche and computational guru. Downloadable pdfs.

Ingenta Online Publication Search

IUSTI Research Group
Websites of Yol Forterre, Olivier Pouliquen, and Nathalie Thomas.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics Online

Spatial Science Journal

Springer Online
Includes publications like Bulletin of Volcanology, Acta Mechanica (v. 160-Present), etc in downloadable pdf.
Learn how to do just about anything technological for a modest fee.
North Texas Vegetable Gardeners
A web resource for community gardens and cooperative growers in North Texas.

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Indexi Mundi
A huge database on cultural information linked to Google Maps.

National Park Service
Maps and information on America's National Parks. Check out the Great Smoky Mts.
Grass GIS
Freeware download of the whole program as well as documentation.

Titan 2D
Two-dimensional granular flow model for Linux.

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