Audio Engineering 1

About the Instructor:

My name is Brad Cox. I don't use Mr., Professor, etc... apparently "Your Majesty" is right out. Just call me Brad.

Short Version:

How I got the gig:

This one of those things where the life lesson is "Be careful who you tick off, you may have to work for them in the future. You never know who knows who or where it will end up."

Hired by Chris Morgan, was introduced to Chris by his friend Gary French. Gary is curretly the head guy in charge of sound at AT&T (Cowboys) stadium.

Met Gary (Audio Engineer, Mixer, Teacher) through Mark Menza who hired me to do sound design and post production work for "The Ant Bully". Before getting hired I had to meet with a producer, who just so happened to be an intern 11 years earlier at Nickelodeon when I was on Ren & Stimpy. Thank goodness I treated him failrly then. I re-linked up with Mark when I moved back to Dallas from Los Angeles in 2005.

First met Mark back in the 80s when he was working at Lightning Sound & Music (long defunct) as a guitar salesman/teacher through Brian Mendelsohn. Brian is the guy who sold me my first polyphonic synthesizer, the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 (which I still have) in 1983 so I could do my theory homework at home and not sweat finding a practice room or trying to do it one handed on an accordion. Brian was working at Brook Mays (now defunct), downtown Dallas, at the time.

Met Brian in 1982 because my Organ teacher (Donald Willing) was investigating new polyphonic synthesizers on the market and he knew I would love this new instrument, and I do. Kept in touch with Brian ever since; he hired me for Ren & Stimpy 10+ years later.

Met my Organ teacher by absolute chance at registration while at North Texas State, now UNT. I was actually trying to sign up with another teacher, but he just so happened to be working the booth at that moment and asked me why I wanted that other guy. Being a trumpet major at North Texas State the degree plan required performance majors to take a keyboard instrument and keyboard majors to take a blow instrument as a secondary. It helps keyboard people with phrasing. It turns out that my Organ teacher graduated from the Peabody Conservatory with an Artists Diploma in Baltimore, Maryland... WHERE I GREW UP!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

Donald Willing, also a Maryland native, just so happened to be classmates with the greatest organist in some time Virgil Fox who was doing all sorts of cool stuff with electronic music & lights in his "Heavy Organ" concert series in the late 60s and early 70s.

It just shows to go 'ya... what you consider as a chance meeting now may eventually lead to something completely wonderful down the road. Treat others nicely and with respect. Help everyone you can, when you can. Amen. Okay, I'll get off the soap box now.