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Welcome to Audio for Video

There are links to the left are orientated towards the Audio Engineering class. Many of which you need to have under your fingers. This is Audio for Video, NOT a video class. Even though video is involved, our main concern for this class is Audio. How it works, how it is created, how it is recorded, how it is synchronized to video and how we can tweak people's emotional response with sound while they watch a film.

You are more than welcome to click on and use each of these links. The first four labs are identical in that you need to know how to run Pro Tools, get audio out of the computer and how to record audio into the computer.

I will, however, include for you links to things specifically orientated towards audio for video.

I encourage you to do the labs soon and repeatedly, so that you don't have to think, you just do. To quote that great post production supervisor, Yoda - "There is only do."

It will be well to your benefit if you can work at the speed of creativity. It takes a whole lot of work to be lazy. If you learn all your shortcuts and have concepts in your head and under your fingers you will be amazed at how fast you can actually crank out a product.

Here is how the class goes: I am not the easiest teacher on the planet. I lecture, a lot. I lecture directly from the tests. In the course of the lecture I will say something to the effect of "This is on the test". I will give you the question, we'll discuss the possible answers, I'll GIVE you the correct answer. If you take notes, you will have the test in your hands 1 week before you have to take it. Create flash cards, use them, and the tests are crazy easy.

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