Audio Engineering 1

Cool/Supplemental Links:

There are those who find the text book confusing in some ways. I have found some links that explain the same stuff, but in different ways.

Teen Hearing Loss and Warnings

Microphones, Equalization, Compression, Phasing, Acoustics:

Understanding Sound - Physics from University of New South Wales

What Is Reality? The Human Brain - How the Brain "Sees" things

Sound Waves - Molecule - particle movement - Whole Site of demos

Animations of Acoustic Waves - See how sound waves behave

Harmonic Series, Overtone Singing

Plucked String & Harmonic Series (Fourier Analysis)

Phasing & Phase Cancellation

Interactive Frequency Chart

Gain Structures


MS Recording - How and Why it works 01, MS Recording 02

What is a decibel? How sensitive are our ears? New South Wales, boys.

Real world examples of "noise"

Noise & abatement - Good SHORT overview of Sound, dB & abatement

Decibel Hell: The effects of living in a noisy world

Acoustick Material Video(Amazing material) & Home Site

Anechoic Chamber - Can it make you crazy

Wikipedia Microphone- overview

Shure Microphone - Understanding Mic Specifications

SMPTE - LTC & VITC Time Code Generator

How various people describe how microhpones work:

Audio-Technica - Simple Microphone basics

How Microphones Work Version 01

How Microphones Work Version 02

How Microphones Work Version 03

Unbelievably Unique Microphone

The Despair of the Mastering Engineer - Loudness Wars

Mixing with headphones

Compression v1, Compression v2

Acoustic Design

Soundproofing - interesting, practical article

Setting up your own Patch Bay

Understanding Equalization: EQv1, EQv2

Measuring Loudness - Loudness Wars

Understanding Loudness

Loudness Wars - Why it stinks

Loudness Wars - Simple Explaination

Mastering for iTunes, iTunes Mastering Tools,
iTunes The Dilema, Cool Compression Plug-in

Meter the output of your mix - TT Meters, what they show you

Loudness Wars Short Example

Loudness Wars - Very Detailed version

Other uses for Microphones, Microphone Handbook

Fiberglass, Rockwool, Polyester, Cotton, and Sheep Absorption Coefficients

Kemper Profiler - Emulates various microphone, amps, heads & guitars

The 2014 Mastering Guide to Audio Formats and Delivery Mediums

Mixing Philosophies

Mixing Mistakes Part 1 Part 2 Other Mixing Techniques

Micing a Drum Kit - one of a bazillion methods

Its all a lie

iZotope Webinars - Mastering

The Art of Mixing 01

Recording in the 50's

Why Modern Music is Bad

Fun Links

Various Kits & Projects - EQs, Tube PreAmps, Synths

Four Chord Songs & Pachelbel Rant

Cool Google Doodles: Bob Moog, Les Paul,

Talking Piano - with sub titles

Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts Interactive Keyboard

Thinking Outside the Box: "Little Boxes" Music Video, Making of "Little Boxes"

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone")

Music Bounce - Block Game, Very cool, gets difficult

Sound Matrix - Wasting away HOURS doing this

"Strange" instruments

Having an ecclectic taste is critical as an audio engineer. There comes a time when someone challenges your skill set in that how do you mic that instrument? Not that these instruments are good or bad, just different, off the traditional path, while pushing the lines of development. Here are a few for you to contemplate:

Interesting about Fibonacci Sequence, Phi & Harmonics

Old & Retro audio technologies

Web site full of "experimental" instruments

Bradford Reed and his pencilina

"The Car Music Project" description & Performance Video

HANG drums

Kalimba... but not The stereo micing on this, I so totally disagree. Why?


"Stomp" basketballs

The Glass Armonica - invented by the dude on the $100 bill

Cristal Baschet

Uberorgan - Good luck with this one

Free Plug-ins (google "Free Pro Tools Plug Ins)

Free Pro Tools 11 & 12 Plug Ins

More Free Pro Tools Plug Ins

Source for Free Plug Ins - do a "find" for Free

Zamzar - file conversion = Audio, Video, Documents

TBProAudio Free Plug Ins

Albums you should listen to:

The online sites are compromised audio. Get the .WAV or .FLAC files or buy the actual CD. EVERY online store, especially .MP3, are compromised.

Gorillaz – Demon Days

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

The Strokes - Is This It

Herbie Hancock - Court and Spartk

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

Gear to consider:

CCA In Ear Monitors - Do A Google Search

XLR to USB microphone mic Pre - Google

Promote your music:

Distrokid "DistroKid is the easiest way for musicians to get music into Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, TikTok, YouTube, and more."