Audio Engineering 1

Online Videos: Pro Tools Skills Test Guide

The links below are in no way to replace what we do in class. They are to supplement what we are doing in class. Some are exceedingly boring, while others are pretty funny and informative. So, don't sweat so much how they say, but what they say. Explore the related videos, too. You never know what you are going to learn.

Regarding online tutorials - Avoid any tutorial whose introduction and logo are longer than the actual tutorial. Everyone does the same function a little differently. The goal in learning is to take a little bit from what everyone does and amalgamate it into your own thing.

The physics of Sound Part 1 & Part 2 - Very good information.

What is Sound? Film from 1933. The information is great and reasonably accurate.

How the SOUND works:

The Ear:
01, 02, 03, Organ of Corti, Cochlear Implant
Very Good Animations, Hearing Damage, How the Ear Works

The sounds of Tinnitius, Tinnitus Sounds

Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?

Simplistic Overview of the physics of sound

The Physics of Sound

How Sound Works - Resonance and the Sounds of Music

Sound - How Sound Works physically & psychologically

Understanding Sound - 7 Video Playlist, Quirky guy, good information.

Resonance, frequency - great lecture on what sound is.


Microphones - Basics He is a bit goofy, but his data is good.

How an SM58 (Dynamic Mic) Works (Deconstructed) - this video comes and goes.

Shure: How Microphones work

Dynamic, Ribbon & Condenser Microphones - Shure

Shure SM58 & SM57 Being Shot with a Shotgun

Shure SM58 - Being run over by a Tour Bus

Shure Mic vs a Prairie Fire

Shure Mic - Helicopter Drop Test 200 feet

Shure Mic - OK, A playlist of a bunch of ways they try to destroy a mic

Make a microphone from a beer can Link 1, Link 2 (Video)

How a Neumann U87 (Condenser Mic) is made (How It's Made)

Royer R121, Bi-directional Ribbon Microphone (Factory Made)

RCA Model 44 Ribbon Mic - (How It's Made)

How Ribbon Mics Work (Sorry no video, but wanted it with the other mics)

Do It Yourself - Ribbon Microphone

Phantom Power & Ribbon Microphones

How to build your own Ribbon Mic

"How Its Made" - Various Instruments Page

How Speakers Work - Deconstructed

Toto Africa - Many SM58s used

Stoner on Pop Filters (a little potty mouth, watch out)

How to build your own Pop Filter - Inexpensively

Loudness War - Simple Explaination

Recording Drums: What difference the room makes


Harmonic Singing - One drone tone while emphasising overtones - Way cool.

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Cool Music Video

Ruben's Tube 01, Ruben's Tube 02, Ruben's Tube Mythbusters

Newtonian Fluid - Speaker Goop How to do it on your own, Speaker Goop 02

Chladni Plate - Showing the Harmonic Vibration Patterns on a vibrating metal plate.

Chladni Plate 02 DYI How to make a Chladni Plate Chladni Plate 03

How to talk about absolutely nothing. Lots of big words don't make you smart. This is why we explain things in class using simple to understand terms. If you can't explain it, then YOU don't get it. Turbo Encabulator, History of the Turbo Encabulator (technobable)

How NOT to use a boom (shotgun) microphone.

How CDs are Made 01, How CDs are Made 02

Direct to disk cylinder destroyed - Tech TV (now G4)

Pitch to MIDI on steroids - Path Matheny

Rowan Atkinson Drum Kit Technique

Pachelbel Canon Rant

Four Chord Song - Axis of Awesome

Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible?

Will we ever run out of Music?

Misheard Lyrics - Hysterical

To make a good recording find a good singer, first- there is no fixing this mess.

Then again, maybe there is, and this is really crazy.

Muzzy - What some people hear music as

Is there sound in Outer Space?

Mixing Phlosophies

Entertainment Purposes, yet pretty cool stuff:

Is there sound in outer space? Go to 46:00

Reggie Watts - Loop Sampler in action

Kinetic Motion Sculpture - it is all sine waves, balls on strings.

Will we ever run out of music?

How NOT to edit video - See Videos #4 & #5

Instruments made from weapons

Star Trek reacts to Miley Cyrus

Lana Del Rey Meltdown - Typical Studio prima donna

Audio Engineer Hard at Work No 1 and Version No 2

Other uses for Sound

There is only so much an Engineer can do

Four Audio Illusions

Microphone Fails - How NOT to use a microphone:

YouTube compilation 01

Phone or Mic, Phone or Mic 02

Which end is the business end 01? Whch End 02

Mojo's Top Ten Lip Sync Fails

Mic or Pepper Grinder

Make your own joke, I'm not allowed to

Microphone or flashlight?

Ok, too many to list. YouTube search link

Shaddow - How NOT to make a music Video

Band / "Musician" Fails. What do you say when they ask you "Isn't the best thing you've ever heard in your life?"

The Shaggs - 60s & 70s - Oh My Goodness

Worst Rapper ever? IceJJFish, The Others...

Worship "Leader" Solo. OMG

Florence Jenkins - Socialite Opera "Singer"

Regular People who think they are more talented than they actually are

Ted Talks On Music

David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve

Adam Sadowsky engineers a viral music video

Eric Whitacre: A choir as big as the internet

Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain with music

Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity

Emmanuel Jal: The music of a war child

David Pogue on the music wars

Benjamin Zander on music and passion

Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance

Evelyn Glennie shows how to listen

Pamelia Kurstin plays the theremin

Bruno Bowden folds while Rufus Cappadocia plays

Sivamani: Rhythm is everything, everywhere

Naturally 7 beatboxes a whole band

Caroline Phillips: Hurdy-gurdy for beginners

Jakob Trollback rethinks the music video

Jose Abreu on kids transformed by music

John Walker re-creates great performances

David Holt plays mountain music

Itau Talgam: Lead like the great conductors


Mandy Parnell - Mastering Tips

15 Dave Pensado Mix Tips Every Producer Should Know


Building your own Studio:

"World's Best Speakers" - grain of salt, but cool.

"Fantastic DYI Speakers for less than $30"

Building a Control Room

Build your own diffuser

Build your own sound absorption

Building acoustic panels, Version_02

For more versions, search "703 Insulaiton" on YouTube

SPI Dallas - Acoustic Absorption Supplies

Silent Fan for your ISO booth

The Perfect Quiet Fan for the Recording Studio

Room "Mode" calculator - Where are your hot spots VERY COOL

Acoustic Considerations - John Storyk, architect

Sound Reproduction - Floyd Toole - What your room is doing to your sound

Dealing With Cllients:

Stupid Musician Texts - SpectreSoundStudios

"American Greed" - Season 11, Episode 15 "Red Carpet" (Fraud Promoter)