Audio Engineering & Audio for Video

All about Labs:

Labs are for YOU. There are no time limits for labs to complete the labs, though there are deadlines. The labs are here to guide you through a step-by-step process toward the final skills test at the end of the semester. Don't just DO the lab to hand in a file. Do the labs over and over until you understand them and can do them without incident. I'd much rather you develop a skill than to hand in a file with no understanding.

Learning how to deliver a product to a client is critical. There is more to it than just naming a file. What is the track order, layout, starting point... All of these things, and more, need to be precisely as the client requests. Each lab has a delivery specification and protocol. Basically, upload a Pro Tools file where the naming structure is:
Class Name_YourLastName_WhatItIs.ptx So, for me handing in Lab 07 the file name would be AE1_Cox_Lab07.ptx Click here for delivery specification details

Lab Times change from semester to semester due to changing student and class loads. Once the schedules get established a printout of the lab schedule will be posted at the doors of the lab rooms. Once the schedule is posted we will discuss lab times in class and be sure everyone has been made aware the lab times.

If you have Pro Tools at home, you can do most of the labs, except that which pertains specifically to the hardware at Collin College. You will have to take the Pro Tools sessions used in the labs home. This is about 2.5 GB.

In class you are given a hard copy of Lab 1. There are also a .pdf versions of the labs on each of the lab stations in the Lab Files drive under my name. If there have been modifications to the labs, the newest version of the labs will be available here and I will tell you in class about the changes.

It is in your best interest to print out the lab. Read the lab entirely first. Then follow each step exactly the proceed to the next step. Take a pencil and check off each step as you proceed. Do not skip around. Some steps are dependant on your having properly completed the previous step. The labs have been rewritten so as to answer most anticipated questions, so please read the lab entirely before you begin working. If you are systematic in your procedures each lab should go smoothly.

If you need help, ask the attending lab technician for help. If for some reason the lab tech. cannot help you, write down your question and we will cover that issue in class. Chances are that if you are having trouble, someone else is having the same problem and it needs to be addressed in class.

Lab Documents as .PDF Pro Tools Sessions Only, No Audio

Lab 01 - Getting Audio out of Pro Tools

Lab 02 - Setting Up I/O & Microphones

Lab 03 - XLR Cables

Lab 04 - Inserts, Sends, Busses

Lab 05 - EQs (Equalization)

Lab 06 - Compressors

Lab 07 - Reverberation

Lab 08 - Mixing

Lab 09 - Automation

Lab 10 - Pro Tools Skills Test Guide

Lab 10 - Pro Tools Skills Test. Yep, the actual test.

Lab 01

Lab 02

Lab 03

Lab 04

Lab 05

Lab 06 Pro Tools Session

Lab 07

Lab 08

Lab 09


Link to the videos of ME doing the skills test

Audio for Video Labs:

Labs 1 through 4 are the same as the Audio Engineering Labs above. Do these labs to get a basic understanding of how to work within Pro Tools. If you have already completed Labs 1 - 4 in Audio Engineering, skip to Lab 5 below.

Lab 05 - Elevator Lab - Creating a Sonic Landscape

Lab 06 - Editing Footsteps

Lab 07 - Creating and Syncing Whooshes

Lab 08 - Reverse Reverb

Lab 09 - Setting up an ADR Session

Lab 10 - Skills Test Guide

Lab 10 - Skills Test