Audio Engineering 1

Other Documents of Interest:

There are many topics the textbook just can't cover without becoming ginormous, which is why other specialized books are great to have. Some excerpts from those other books and sites are listed below for you.

Frequency Chart Blank - Learn the characteristics of each instrument and which frequencies influence the tonal characteristics of that instrument.

Microphone List - Popular microphones and their typical usage.

Common Terms & Frequency Charts - Extracted from "The Art of Mixing" ISBN-10: 1931140456, ISBN-13: 978-1931140454. When a client says "too bright" what tool do you use to modify what characteristic of that sound?

Audio Technica Microphone Guide

There are many ways to mic a drum kit. Here are several techniques:

Micing a drum kit, Method 2, Method 3, Method 4

Spring Creek Patch Bay

Technologies that never made it

Other Online Tutorials to consider:

SpectreSoundStudios - Coarse, harsh, abrasive, funny.

Pensado's Place - GREAT Information - There are no rules, just guidelines

Produce Like a Pro - GREAT Information - Let your ears dictate things.

Waves Audio Tutorials - Good, but only for THEIR products.

iZotope - Excellent. Case Closed.


Live Beat Making - Uses Ableton, but the rules are the same.

As more documents are created, they will be added here.