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Developing Good Study Habits:

Why develop good study skills? You can apply these study skills throughout your life. Like it or not, once you decide to become anything technical, like Audio Engineering, you have just become a perpetual student. Technology changes all the time and you have to keep up or get passed by, become out of date, unemployable.

The example I give in class: God forbid someone you love is in an accident and require brain surgery, but lets say that is the case. Do you want the surgeon operating on them to be as technical as the book they read back in 1972? I don't think so. I want the doctor who teaches the surgeons yesterday's techniques. You must keep up with the times.

Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual while others are tactile and others may be verbal (audio) learners. Regardless of how you learn there are things you can do to make learning less painful.

It has been proven that the more ways you get something into your head the more likely you will be able to recall that data later, under pressure. How do you do that? Listen in class, take notes. Recopy your notes in a secluded place to better organize and clarify them, reading them aloud as you copy. You now have a tactile, visual and aural memory of those events.

Also, memory is state oriented, in that if you are sleepy and study while you are sleepy, it is less likely you will be able to recall that information while wide awake.

You can do anything you want. I won't force you to be a good student. But consider this: an employer has a choice between two people for a job that pays X amount. Who would you hire? Don't you want the best deal, biggest bang for the buck? If you are a lousy student and don't bother to do something about it, in a couple years you will be saying "do you want fries with that". Your call.

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Flash Cards - Great way to study. In class I lecture from the test. The tests were created from the book. During the lectures I say "This is a test question:..." and read you the question. We discuss for a bit then I give you the answer. If you create flash cards based on these questions, you have the test in your hands days before the actual test.