Audio Engineering 1


On the first day of class I give a print out of the syllabus for your Audio Engineering class. There is also a .pdf version of the syllabus on the instructor's lab station, in the faculty folder under my name.

If you go to the Cougar Web site you can log in, browse to this class and download or view the syllabus.

The syllabus for all renditions of the class is basically the same, the only difference is the exact class meeting time and course number. The dates (by week), readings, tests and holidays are exactly the same.

A copy of a generic syllabus Audio Engineering can be had here.

A copy of a generic syllabus Audio for Video can be had here.

It does not list dates as much as which week of school a certain thing will occur. It also excludes holidays. It is intended as a time line for class.

Lab Schedule is also available here - when it becomes available. The problem is that lab schedules depends on classes that do or don't make, student availability... stuff like that. We will have a real schedule when it gets posted on the door of the lab on room B113.