Anatomy-Physiology I


Welcome to Fall 2018

Human Anatomy and Physiology is the backbone course for all students involved in a health-science related job. The purpose is to study the parts that make up the human body, but also to understand how the different parts function and integrate. Optimal functioning and integration results in a happy body; deviations from these optimal conditions can result in a variety of ill effects, sickness and even death. A good understanding of this course will thus benifit your grade, and definitely will become an advantage since we all own a human body.

The Departmental Syllabus for this semester can be found on the Biology Website. My syllabus, as well as the ppt lectures for this course, will be posted on the lecture site.

The following textbook is used in this course : Fundamentals of Anatomy/Physiology (Martini/Nath/Bartholomew; 11th edition).

YOU WILL NEED MASTERING A&P WITH THIS LECTURE. Your access code is provided if you purchase the book in the bookstore. Go to to sign up ( procedures will be provided on that webpage when you register as students). The complete package (Text -Labmanual-MasteringCode) is available in the bookstore.

The courseID# for my Fall course = doumen06483

Human Brain

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