Anatomy-Physiology II

Welcome to Fall 2018

Most of you enrolled for this course, just finished with A&P1. You thus know what to expect in terms of rigor and time required to succeed. This second section of A&P will be a little bit harder since it will focus more on organ functions and system integration. Missing lectures and lab, not being prepared and failing to study in detail is the main reason for failure at this level. Therefore, keep up with the material and do not fall behind.

The Departmental Syllabus for this semester can be found on the Biology Website. My syllabus, as well as the ppt lectures for this course, will be posted on the lecture site.

The same textbook (and lab manual) as in A&P1 is used in this course : Fundamantals of Anatomy/Physiology (Martini/Nath/Bartholomew, 11th Ed.).

YOU WILL NEED MASTERING A&P WITH THIS LECTURE. Sign up code and procedures are provided on lecture webpage. Go to the new Mastering site by clicking

The course ID# for Mastering is doumen99829


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