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Math 2373 online Summer III 2018



Hi, my name is Dr. Cyrus Malek and I will be your professor for this online course. I have taught the on-site version of this course for several semesters both at the Collin College and University of Texas at Dallas.  If you want to learn more about me, click here.


This course is transferable to UTD and is equivalent to the MATH 2333 course which is offered at UTD.This course has been tailored in a very precise fashion and tells you exactly which sections and exercises of the textbook needs to be covered to be able to pass the course.If you are a serious student whose work hours or other responsibilities prevent you from attending an on-site class every week, then this course is for you!


This is a blended Self-study course. You will complete this online course with an independent study, doing homework assignments and taking four tests and final exam according to the assigned schedule. Exams will be given only at the Collin College Testing Centers. If you are planning to take your exams at some other testing centers outside Collin College, You must send me all information about the testing center within the first week of the classes.

You can access all necessary course resources at CANVAS  when the class officially begins.††

You must send me an email to confirm that you have read all materials related to this course in CANVAS during the first week of the classes otherwise you might be dropped from the course.


Accessing This Course


On the first day of the semester, you go to College CougarWeb and use your CougarWeb username & password to login.   If you donít have CougarWeb login information, you can e-mail or call the CougarWeb technical support 972-377-1777.

If you donít know how to access the CANVAS course, click this tutorial, Access CANVAS Learning Courses.


You need to attend an online orientation provided by the eCollin Learning Center (eLC).  You can register a face-to-face orientation or take an online orientation at  The online orientation can be immediately access after your registration.


Technical Support

If you have any technical problems related to CANVAS or CougarWeb, you can click this technical support link,


Course Outline


In this course you will take total of 4 exams and a final exam where each is weighted 25% of your final grade for the course. The lowest of the exam's grades will be dropped. There are some assigned homework, sample quizzes and review for exams that will prepare you for taking your exams. More information will be available in Syllabus, Course Schedule and  Homework & Reading  sections after you sign up for the course.



Course Materials


  • Textbook: Linear Algebra by Gareth Williams 9th edition Published by Jones and Bartlett.
  • Student solution manual is optional for this course. You can purchase it with your textbook.
  • A basic scientific or graphing calculator  is required.


Course Navigation


Once you have logged into your course, you will see following tabs directing you to the various components of the course. You need to begin  by clicking on the, "Syllabus" , "Welcome", "Course Schedule" and "Homework & Reading" tabs.




Getting Started

1.         Buy the textbook.

2.         Login to CANVAS on the first day of the semester to try out your CANVAS ID and password

3.         You MUST Notify your instructor that you have read the syllabus and the course schedule via Email. You can include any questions or comments you might have.


When the class begins, use the CANVAS Email to communicate with the instructor. The instructor checks email regularly and will respond to your email within 48 hours. Weekend or holiday email will be addressed within 48 hours after the next business day. If the CANVAS Email is down, you can use Groupwise Email to communicate with the instructor.  The email is the best way to communicate with the instructor.

Netiquette- Please refrain from posting inappropriate messages on the discussion board and be respectful to others when communicating online.

Software Requirement

  • Find minimum Technology required for CANVAS Click here.   

Hardware Requirement

         A PC with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000

         High-speed Internet connection

         32 Mb RAM (64 Mb highly recommended)

Computer Skills Needed


You should know how to access a Web site when given an address, use the features of your Web browser, download files, attach files to emails, and use word processing software, Öetc.If you do not have these skills, you can get assistance at the lab on campus, get help from a friend, or take this course in a classroom setting.I will NOT teach computer skills in this class.



Welcome to this course again and I look forward to working with you.