Carter Scaggs

Professor of Art

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my first priority is to establish a rapport with my students. I believe in maintaining an open, good-natured, constructive classroom environment wherein students feel comfortable and free to experiment and create. I believe that each student has the capacity to achieve his/her full potential when properly motivated.

I encourage the acquisition, through practice, of a solid understanding of the basic "tools" of the visual arts (i.e., drawing, design, and craftsmanship) as well as a strengthening of concept and idea. I use both the individual and the group critique as vehicles to elicit suggestions, alternatives or insights. I supplement the classroom experience by exposing students to contemporary and historically significant artwork. Ultimately, I am not interested in conveying dogma, rather I am focused on cultivating each student's personal means of expression.

-Carter J. Scaggs


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