Collin County Community College

David Katz, mathematics instructor

Links to Math Tutorials & Study Resources

From the Publisher of Elementary Statistics (Addison-Wesley) -    (quizzes)    (videos)    (tutorials)

Other Statistics & Probability Tutorials - provides an easy to use on-line spreadsheet for computing answers to most descriptive and inferential statistics problems provides a good visual demo on how the normal distribution can approximate the binomial probability distribution play a simulated Monty Hall game, styled after the Let's Make Deal game show. another simulation of the Monty Hall game  links to the famous Statistical Abstract of the United States, summary tables on all aspects of life in America

Precalculus Tutorials - good tutorial on precalculus and calculus topics,7638,698937-,00.html free tutorial from the Blitzer precalculus book

General Math Tutorials -    (requires a MyMathLab registration number)     (backdoor to MyMathLab when the regular MyMathLab server is busy)

              (CCCC tutorial resources, including application for FREE group tutoring)

NEW!  (free tutorials for many common textbooks such as Sullivan's College Algebra and Triola's Elementary Statistics)     (encyclopedia of math vocabulary and concepts)

Source Materials on Lotteries -

General Math History -     (good resource on the history of statistics)     (Euler's Line Tutorial)


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