Spanish 1412
Beginning Spanish II


Course Description

SPAN 1412 is a continuation of SPAN 1411. As a continuation it will introduce new grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions and new topics, which include new vocabulary.

After processing new material, the students will apply the new information in the classroom by asking and answering questions of both the instructor and fellow students. The student will participate orally in class, in a group and individual manner.

The students reading skills will be reinforced through the reading of material in the textbook, workbook and Language Laboratory programs.

The writing skills will be developed through the workbook exercises and during the Laboratory time.

Using the listening activities from the textbook will reinforce and develop speaking, reading and writing skills.

The study of lyrics from Spanish songs will not only help the students reinforce their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, but also help with pronunciation, memorization and speed of communication.

Getting Started

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Textbook information:
Textbook: Tu Mundo W/ CONNECT Andrade, Egasse, Muñoz, Cabrera Puche 1st ed., McGraw-Hill.

ISBN: 978-3086073-3-7
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Technical support:
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Note: Windows Media Player needs to be installed on the student computer and a broadband access to the Internet is strongly recommended for trouble free accessing of the video. Download the Window Media Player.

- Spanish/English Dictionary (Optional) 
- Grammar WKBK for Introductory Spanish, Maceri Dominico. Third Ed., McGraw Hill. 2000. (optional--as reference only) 

In Spanish 1412, we will cover Chapters 6 to 10 of Tu Mundo. 
The grammatical and cultural material is presented through CONNECT. The lab component of the class is done through CONNECT and other activities.