Beginning Spanish 1412/Intermediate Spanish 2311
Important information 

For both SPAN 1412 and SPAN 2311 we will use Canvas as our virtual classroom. You will complete assignments and tests entirely online. This is not a self-paced course. Your adherence to the Course Schedule is crucial to your success in this course. The Course Schedule provides specific information and due dates regarding assignments and chapter tests.

On the first day of the semester, please go to College CougarWeb,, and use your CougarWeb username & password to login. If you don't have CougarWeb login information, you can email or call the CougarWeb technical support 972-377-1777.

To learn Canvas, watch the tutorials offered by the eCollin Learning Center (eLC):

The course will be available the day of class.

Technical support

If you experience any problems with Canvas, please contact the eLC at 972-881-5870 or go to
If you experience any problems with McGrawHill Connect, please contact

Note: Windows Media Player needs to be installed on the student computer and a broadband access to the Internet is strongly recommended for trouble free accessing of the video. Download the Window Media Player.

Textbook information:
ISBN: 978-3086073-3-7 This is a customized edition. You can buy it from our bookstore SCC or from

Please wait until the first day of class to Register to follow the instructions bellow:

***Support – If you need help or have any questions about Connect, you can visit our 24-hour Customer Experience support center:
Or give us a call at 800-331-5094
Sunday 12PM to 11PM ( All Central Time)
M-TH – 8AM to 11PM
Friday – 8AM to 6PM
Saturday – 10AM to 4 PM

- Spanish/English Dictionary (Optional)
- Grammar WKBK for Introductory Spanish, Maceri Dominico. Third Ed., McGraw Hill. 2000. (optional--as reference only)

In Spanish 1412, we will cover Chapters 6 to 10 of Tu Mundo.
The grammatical and cultural material is presented through CONNECT. The lab component of the class is done through CONNECT and other activities.


After the first day of the class the student will use ONLY the Canvas Inbox to communicate with your professor. I will check only the inbos in Canvas. You have all the information above on how to access to Canvas and your course. If you have any question related to technology I wouldn't  be  able to answer, contact the eLC


Profesora Frozina Goussak