A few words about myself



  I teach different levels of Spanish including Spanish Literature. Originally I am from Ukraine. Spanish became my native language after Ukrainian, Russian. I lived in Havana, Cuba and where I graduated from High School "Ciudad escolar Libertad" in Havana, Cuba. Upon returning to Ukraine I studied in National University T.G. Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine, department of Romance and Germanic languages were I earned MA in Spanish language. I studied French, Italian and Portuguese. I taught in the National University T.G. Shevchenko and Kyiv and Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages, for twelve years. I am teaching in Collin College full time professor since 1994. My fascination with languages traces back to my childhood when I first listened to Spanish music. At that very moment, I decided to share my sentiments and my love for the Spanish language with as many people as I could. Teaching is my passion. All my life I have been dedicated to search for the best method by which to teach Spanish. Music enables me to awaken the students' interest, not only in language, but also in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. My childhood dream has become a reality. Now I am here sharing my "Spanish fever" with my students.


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