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Mary and George Jackson
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George Jackson
Professor of Geospatial Information Science,
Web Programming, E-Business, and
Business Information Systems


My name is George Jackson, and you can call me George, or Professor Jackson, or whatever you are comfortable with. My wife Mary and I have a 5 children (all grown), and 11 grandchildren. Grandchildren are easier. Mary might look familar if you had a math class at Brookhaven College. She is somewhat of a fixture around there.

I am a 4th generation Texan. I've lived in Texas all of my life except for the 7 years I served in the United States Navy during Vietnam as an information systems specialist. The Navy was great to me. Two of my children were born at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu Hawaii. I love my veteran students, and so, if you are military or former military, please bring that to my attention. I want to be involved in your education.

I have been teaching community college students since 1986. I was teacher-of-the-year for continuing education in 1988. I taught 16 years for Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch before being seduced into joining the faculty at Collin College. Coming to Collin was a great decision, and I have been here ever since.

I have numerous academic specialties, all in information systems, and all workforce oriented. My latest focus has been Geospatial Information Science. I am ABD (All But Dissertation) for my PhD in GIS with UTD. Who has time to write a dissertation? Since 2010, I have been trying very hard to build a GIS Program at Collin, and I am very proud of the successes that we have had and the students we have graduated.

Prior to GIS, my focus was in Web Programming and E-Business. I got into that in the early 90s as a side business. Browsing a bookstore, I came across a book called "Build a Website in One Weekend," bought it, and built a website in one weekend. I started helping others build a website, and my little business grew and grew. In 1992, Collin College hired me to teach web programming. What a joy this has been!