Course Description for FREN 1411

Introduction to the basic skills of speaking, reading, writing, and listening with attention to selected aspects of French culture; designed for students with little or no previous language training. Instruction is enhanced by the use of audio files, slides, and an integrated video program.

Course Number: FREN 1411
Course Title: Beginning French I
Credit Hours: 4.0
Pre-requisite: None

This class will aim at developing conversational skills by using modern oral and visual techniques that generate an atmosphere of quasi- cultural immersion and provide the students with maximum interaction opportunities. Emphasis will be put on oral expression. Basic elements of grammar and analysis are also an important part of the program and will offer a good basis for developing writing skills. The French way of life and some constants of the French national character will be explored for a better understanding of the country and its people. We will cover 8 chapters of the textbook.