Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park, Colorado
Larry and Barbara Stern


Hiking Buddies

Hiking Buddies



Storm at Overlook, 12,183 ft.




Multiple Sunset before and beyond the Never Summer Mountains



Storm at Rock Cut, 12,183 ft.


Fall Reflection at Bear Lake

Winter Hike on Long's Peak Trail



Ouzel Falls

Ouzel Falls


Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls


Fern Falls

Timberline Falls



Chasm Falls

Chasm Falls

Hike to Chasm Lake, 4.2 miles (each way), 2,380 ft
elevation gain to 11,780 ft.


Approach to Chasm Lake Across the Tundra




Chasm Lake and the Diamond of Long's Peak (Barbara in foreground)



Chasm Lake and the Diamond of Long's Peak

Hiking Along the Tundra

Ute Trail

Long's Peak from Rock Cut


Long's Peak above the clouds





View of Long's Peak from Rock Cut



Cloud Shrouded View of Long's Peak from Rock Cut



Knotch-Top Mountain approaching Lake Helene


Long's Peak



Tundra Tarn



Tundra Wildflowers


The Needles at Treeline

The Needles at Treeline



The Needles at Treeline



Moonset at the Needles


Twin Sisters - Needles

Twin Sisters - Needles



Marmot Play on the Tundra




Elk, Clouds, and Long's Peak



Elk: Tundra


Elk: Tundra


Elk: Tundra



two bucks

Two Bucks


Elk: Tundra Sunset



Multiple Sunset, Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2010




Sunset, Forest Canyon Overlook



Blood Red Sunset




Stormy Sunset



Alluvial Fan Sunset


Alluvial Fan

Alluvial Fan



Alluvial Fan Cascade



Green Mountain-Onahu Trail

Mountain Lakes


Bear Lake - Hallet's Peak



Sprague Lake



Sprague Lake - Winter



Nymph Lake



Nymph Lake - Winter



Dream Lake


Lake Haiyaha

Lake Irene


Bierstadt Lake


Bierstadt Lake



Poudre Lake



Cub Lake



Odessa Lake


Lawn Lake


Lawn Lake Trail

Mills Lake

Fall and Winter in the Park

Bear Lake

Bear Lake - Reflection


Bear Lake Trail

Fall Aspen


Fall Aspen

Fall Foliage


Fall Sunrise - Mount Meeker & Long's Peak


Winter Aspen Grove


Big Thompson River

Many Parks Curve


Alluvial Fan Freeze


Snowed Over Bear Lake - Hallet's Peak

Snow Trunk



Mummy Mountains





Fire Along the Cub Lake Trail



Meadow Fog at Dusk, Rocky Mountain National Park, July 2010


Boulder Brook

Boulder Brook


Calypso Cascade



The Pool

Big Thompson River






Big Horn Sheep





Big Horn Romping on Snow Field



Red Fox



Adolescent Bear



papa moose

Papa Moose



Mama Moose



baby moose

Mama and Baby Moose



Bullwinkle Moose



River at Dusk



Rainbow Curve



Storm-set at 12,000 feet



Elk in the Clouds