Spitzer, The Bookworm

Purpose and Scope
[Program Discontinued, December 2017]

The Study Grant Program at Collin College is designed to provide support for faculty to undertake independent study of significant texts and topics in their own or related disciplines.

The program provides a stipend that is the equivalent of teaching two 3-credit “overload” courses at the Associate pay rate during either a Fall, Spring, Summer I, II or III semester. The Study Grant does not release faculty members from teaching their required full-time load, nor can it be used to exceed the maximum number of courses faculty are allowed to teach each semester. Moreover, the award of a Study Grant may not be combined with a sabbatical, any form of leave, or banked courses.

For a full description of the program, eligibility requirements, the application process, and the criteria for selection, click here.

Current Awardees

Previous Recipients: Proposals and Annotated Bibliographies