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To discover the answer to this interesting question and others like it, sign up for a physics class! Physics principles can be found in abundance all around us, and I believe physics is the most interesting when applied to our everyday experiences.
I teach a variety of physics and physical science courses online. Through the use of innovative teaching resources and available technology, I believe your experience in my online classroom can be as good or better than that in a traditional on-campus course. All information and class communications are accessed through Canvas available through CougarWeb. To provide as much course information up-front as possible, I've included important information for my online courses below.
Physical Science I - PHYS 1415
This completely online course covers introductory physics and chemistry principles and is taught conceptually (math is minimized). Labs are based on interesting at-home activities and online simulations.
Course Syllabus
Physical Science II - PHYS 1417
This completely online course covers introductory astronomy concepts. Labs are based on at-home astronomical observations and simulations. PHYS 1415 is NOT required for this course!
Course Syllabus
College Physics I - PHYS 1401
This is a hybrid course with an online lecture and on-campus lab. Algebra-based physics course for the science major in areas of biology, medicine, and pharmacy. Includes laws of motion, heat, work and energy, and sound.
Course Syllabus
University Physics I - PHYS 2425
This is a hybrid course with an online lecture and on-campus lab. Fundamental principles of physics, using calculus, for science, computer science, and engineering majors; the principles and applications of classical and modern mechanics, including harmonic motion, physical systems, and the laws of thermodynamics.
Course Syllabus
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