Welcome to my page of useful physics links.

Here you can find animations for all the concepts covered in your physics course. You can also browse a collection of complete on-line physics courses/tutorials where you can get a different perspective on a concept you may be having difficulty with. Let me know of any additional links you think are helpful and I'll add them to the list.

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ANIMATIONS & DEMOS Collected by Professor Brooks

The links below provide demonsrations of Physics concepts covered in General & University Physics. Most are Java animations from various web sites, with a few Flash and Shockwave demos (you may be prompted to install these players). The topics and their order follow that of the course texts.



ca = calculus concept
sw = shockwave animation
fl = flash animation
a = article

Measurement & Estimating
Fermi Questions
Vernier Calipers
Significant Digits
Conversion Calculator
Official US time

1-Dimensional Motion
Kinematic Equations
Constant Acceleration
Measure Your Reaction Time
Traffic Light System
Displ, Velocity, Acceleration
fl Braking Acceleration
Free Fall Timer

2-Dimensional Motion
Vector Addition 1
Vector Addition 2
fl Vector Addition 3
Circular Motion 1
Circular Motion 2
Projectile Motion 1
Projectile Motion 2
fl Projectile Motion 3
fl Projectile Motion 4 (roof)
Projectile Motion 5
Projectile Simulation
Shoot the Monkey 1
Shoot the Monkey 2
ca Scalar Product
ca Vector Cross Product
Relative Velocity (frame of reference)
Relative Velocity (aircraft)

Newton's Laws
Net Force
fl Applied Force
Newton's 2nd Law
Inclined Plane
Inclined Plane & Friction
Newton's 3rd Law Quiz

Satellite Orbit
Lunar Lander
Kepler's Laws
Center of Mass & Equilibrium

Work & Energy
Force & Work
fl Falling Object
Appliance Energy Bill
Force & Work
Work Conversion Units
Potential-Kinetic Energy
Pendulum & Energy

Linear Momentum
Virtual Air Track
Momentum Conservation
Virtual Billiards
fl Elastic Collisions

Rotational Motion
Free Rolling 1
Free Rolling 2
fl Moment of Inertia

Elasticity Simulator

Archimede's Principle
sw Floating Log
sw Buoyant Force

Oscillations (SHM)
Mass on a Spring
Coupled Oscillations
Damped Oscillator
Simple Harmonic Motion

Wave Motion
Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction
sw Standing Waves
sw Wave Interference

Doppler Effect

Gas Molecules Simulation
Kinetic Theory 1
fl Kinetic Theory 2
Phase Change
Ideal Gas

Heat & Engines
Carnot Cycle

Electric Charge & Fields
sw Intro to Electromagnetism
Deflection of Charges
sw Coulomb Forces
fl Cathode Rays (Crooke's Tube)
Electric Field Lines
fl Lightning
The Coulomb
3-D Electric Fields
Charged Particle Motion

Gauss's Law
a, ca Gauss's Law Examples
a, ca HyperPhysics Notes
audio Gauss's Law Song!
ca Electric Flux Detector
a, ca Flux & Gaussian Surfaces
Flux through a Cube
Flux & Cylindrical Surface

Electric Potential
Electrostatic Potential
Plot the Resultant Potential
Charged Motion in a Potential
a, ca Potential Difference Tutorial
Capacitor Field & Potential
Faraday Cage
Equilibrium Configuration
Equipotential Lab
Dipole Equipotentials

Capacitance & Dielectrics
Charging a Capacitor 1
Charging a Capacitor 2
Charging a Capacitor 3
RC Circuit
fl RC Time Constant

Electric Currents & DC Circuits
fl Resistance at Molecular Level
Resistor Color Codes
Build a Circuit
Series Circuit
Parallel Circuit
Kirchhoff's Rules 1
Kirchhoff's Rules 2
Kirchhoff's Rules 3
Kirchhoff's Rules 4
Kirchhoff's Rules 5
Ohm's Law 1
Ohm's Law 2
Ohm's Law 3

fl Compass
Lorentz Force
Magnetic Force on Current
Magnetic Force on Charge
Wire Magnetic Field
fl Magnetic Field Lines
fl Pulsed Magnets

Electromagnetic Induction
fl Drag the Magnet (Faraday)
Faraday's Law
fl Lenz's Law
fl How a Metal Detector Works
fl How a Hard Drive Works
fl How a Speaker Works
fl Transformers - Mutual Induct

AC Circuits
Resonance Circuit (RLC)
fl AC Generator
fl Tuning a Radio Receiver
sw Impedence

Maxwell's Equations
a Tutorial
Electromagnetic Propagation
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Amplitude Modulation (AM)
Frequency Modulation (FM)

Reflection & Refraction
Index of Refraction
Snell's Law
fl How a CD Works

Lenses & Optical Instruments
Color Mixing (additive)
Color Mixing (subtractive)

Light Interference
Two-Slit Interference

Diffraction & Polarization
2-Slit with Diffraction

Space & Time

The Atom
Bohr Atom
fl Rutherford Experiment
Electron Configurations
Blackbody Radiation
Photo-electric Effect
Radioactive Decay
Nuclear Chain Reaction
Nuclear Isotope Half-lifes
Bohr Energy Levels