PRC Math Lab

Spring 2016








Saturday...... 9am-1pm


Room: F 148

           Phone: (972) 377-1639

Welcome to the Preston Ridge Campus Math Lab!

Faculty, lab instructors, and student tutors staff the PRC Math Lab in order to assist Collin College students enrolled in developmental math, college level math, and natural science courses that have math-based assignments. Please note: For natural science courses, tutors do not set up the problem, and tutors may not be trained in the subject; therefore, please consider visiting the Science Den and/or the professor teaching the subject for more in-depth help.

Using the Math Lab:

1.       Sign in using your CWID every time you enter the lab. This allows Collin College to measure lab usage and to staff the tutoring center properly. In addition, some professors may give you extra credit for using the Math Lab.  When you leave, remember to sign out the same way.

2.    Students may check out a calculator, current textbooks, and solution manuals while in the Math Lab; however, the staff will hold your college ID card during the time the items are being checked out.

3.    Students may use computers for on-line assignments.

Working with a Tutor:

1.       To indicate you need assistance, display a red cup on the table or raise your hand. The length of tutoring sessions varies. The time for each session is determined by the number of tutors and the number of students waiting to see a tutor. During peak times, a tutor may have you begin work on a problem while he/she assists another student, returning to you later.

2.    If you feel more comfortable with a specific tutor and decide only to come when he/she is working, you must wait until that tutor can work with you.

3.    Feedback is important to the staff. If you have a problem with a tutor, a recommendation, or any other situation, please talk to the Lab Manager.

Class Work and Assignments:

The PRC Math Lab is a supplement to your course and NOT a replacement. The staff works best when you have specific questions. We will help you only after you have attempted to solve the problem on your own.

1.    Plan. Do not cram! Using the Math Lab on a regular basis works. Waiting until the last minute does not.

2.    Bring your notes. Tutoring is most productive if the tutor follows the method your professor uses in class.

3.    The staff cannot provide answers to the graded assignments. The best tutors can do is work on a similar problem that helps explain a concept.

Lab Rules:

         All CELL PHONES must be TURNED OFF or set to SILENT.

         No eating is permitted in the lab. Only drinks in covered containers are allowed on the table, but not near computer stations!

         Keep socializing to a minimum. All non-academic conversations should be taken outside.

         Be respectful of others. All students must abide by the Code of Conduct set by Collin College to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment.