Student Acknowledgement Form

Biology: Anatomy &Physiology [A&P] Lecture and Lab

I, __________________________________________, as a student enrolled in the Biological sciences of A&P Lecture and Lab at Collin County Community College understand all policies, guidelines, and procedures of the course as determined by my instructor.

____I have been advised of the stringent “code of student conduct/Collin Honor Code.” I understand that violations of “the student code” which includes but is not limited to cheating, plagiarism, collusion, and disruptive behavior will result in disciplinary action. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain a copy of the “student handbook” for additional information on student conduct and college policies.

____I understand that no resources of any kind are to be used during assessments, including but not limited to quizzes, exams, and practicals. Any changes to this policy will be determined only by the instructor.

____I understand that I am enrolled in an A&P biology lecture and A&P biology lab and that this course is designed for science majors.  I understand that this is not a remedial or developmental course and that the material is on a sophomore college level and will be taught at this level.

____I take responsiblity for my skill and competence level regarding any previously recommend or required coursework that is needed and necessary for successful completion of the course.

____I understand that science courses require daily dedicated time for study and review in order to succeed in the course. This time is around 30 hours per week, as a minimum and reflects 3 hours outside of class/lab for every hour spent in class/lab.

____I agree to be prepared for class by reading the assigned material before class/lab.

____ I will attend class regularly, be on time, and be prepared to stay for the entire class/lab period.

____I agree to seek assistance from my instructor when I am having difficulty with the course material. I will not withdraw from the course without prior consultation with my instructor to discuss my status in the course.

____I agree to take responsibility for all assignments and their due dates and times and that turning in late work will result in point deductions and a possible zero (0) grade.

____I have read and understood the lecture syllabus, lab syllabus, lecture addendum, lab addendum, lecture objectives, lab objectives, and additional course requirements as discussed by my instructor.

____I understand that my grade will be based entirely on my performance on exams, quizzes, lab practicals, lab reports and / or other assignments and is not negotiable.

___I understand and agree to all policies, guidelines, and procedures of the course as determined by my instructor.

Initial by the blanks for each statement above & complete the following information below :

Course and Section _______________________________             Date________________________

Student Name (Printed) ______________________________________________________________

Student Name (Signed) ______________________________________________________________

Failure to return this properly completed form by the due date will result in zero (0) extra points being awarded per instructor.
No form = no grades on any work submitted.

Return this properly completed form to: Dr. Mary Weis
Due date: during the first week of classes, by Friday 5pm. Must have time and date stamp if returning to a M/NS division mail box.