Scans Syllabus Competencies                                                 Biology 2401

1. Resources :

Students in Biology 2401 have to be able to develop an understanding of time management in the areas of

a. scheduling an effective workable schedule in order to complete assignments

b. using appropriate resources for assessing knowledge and skills

2. Interpersonal Skills :

Students in Biology 2401 will work in groups at various times.  Students must learn to work cooperatively and contribute in order to interact with different types of students.  Helping other learn can show competence and exercise leadership skills.

3. Information :

Students in Biology 2401 should be able to evaluate and interpret information based on its importance, relevance, and accuracy.  Students should be able to communicate in an oral or written format that shows the organization and process of selecting the appropriate information.

4. Systems :

Students in Biology 2401 should be able to describe the structure and function of the systematic organization of the body and predict the impact of action or changes on this system.

5. Technology :

Students in Biology 2401 should be able to select and use appropriate technology for the Biological Sciences.

Basic Foundation Skills : Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Listening, Speaking

Students in Biology 2401 should be able to

a. Understand and interpret written information and determine the main idea and

relevant facts.

b. Put information in writing in a format that is appropriate to the purpose

c. Use numerical concepts to obtain or convey quantitative information and to

construct logical explanations for biological systems.

d. Listen and respond to discussions and presentations.

Thinking Skills :

Students in Biology 2401 should be able to think creatively and critically in order to reason, make decisions, and problem solve.  Students should recognize their learning style and apply new knowledge and skills to problems, goals, or dynamic situations.

Personal Qualities :

Students in Biology 2401 are responsible for their self management as it relates to their

actions and involvement in learning and goal setting, task completion, attendance, and attention to details ; integrity and honesty; emotional capacity as it relates to skills and abilities; understanding,  adapting, and responding appropriately to others as the situation requires.