Dr. Nirisha Garimella

Email: ngarimella@collin.edu
Office Location: Within the eCollin Learning Center L257 in Spring Creek Campus
Office Hours: Please email me for appointments.

The syllabus will have the textbook(s), class requirements and a tentative calendar for the course.
Summer 2017: Syllabus for CDEC1319.2BX (Child Guidance)

Fall 2017: Syllabus for CDEC1319.BX1 (Child Guidance)
Fall 2017: Syllabus for CDEC1323.BX1 (Observation & Assessment)

+++Advice from Former Online Students +++
Stay focused, avoid last minute completions and log on daily. My suggestion is to do the work and get ready to commit time to the class. I felt like this class was very informative and that I learned a lot. You do however have assignments and tasks that you need to keep up with. If students want to succeed in this class then they will.

I would tell students in online classes to track their due dates very diligently. I believe that biggest issue in online vs in-class classes involves no reminders for deadlines. It is very easy to lose track of time when you are taking multiple classes.

Plan ahead! Do your work ahead and make sure you give your self time.

The advice I would have for students is to make sure you are signing on the Canvas on a regular basis so you don't miss out an opportunities to complete homework in a timely manner.

To be diligent on a daily basis in checking the online website for posted assignments and grades. Procrastination is not an option for success in regards to earning a high grade. Students should understand that online classes do require more work on the student's part due to the classes all being online.

Read, study, and create a plan

Give yourself lots of time.

To succeed in this class stay organized and put the time and effort into your work assignments and you will be rewarded with the appropriate grade.

Take a couple of hours to review Canvas extensively. Read content material with the intention of learning the information (not just long enough to take the test or complete an assignment) because you will be required throughout the semester to draw on what you learned.