Sue Anne Rische

Sue Anne Rische recived her BFA from Texas Tech and her MFA from the University of Washington.

After much research, Sue Anne Rische discovered that she could be filed under the title of “Process Artist”. That is, she loves the process of making enough to do the same thing thousands of times over.

At this point in time she is not married to any one material, but gravitates towards “stuff that you can see through” which includes but is not limited to mylar and vellum, plexiglass, perforated metal, lace and sheer fabric, and varieties of small aquatic life.

Her work can also be described as heavily conceptual, sometimes spiritual, and occasionally funny. Above all, one of the best compliments she has received regarding her work is, “I’ve never seen that before” as she considers herself to be very unique. Just ask her.

Office: B305B, Central Park Campus

Phone: 972-548-6893

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Sue Anne Rieshe