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ARTS 1301 Online Course on Canvas

Syllabus ARTS 1301.WS6 Spring 2017

Orientation Message:

Online classes differ from course to course.  For my Art Appreciation (ARTS 1301) course assignments, discussions, and quizzes have scheduled due dates and times.  Students can work at their own pace within the perimeters of the due dates.  There are no required in-person class meetings.  There are no visits to the Collin campus Testing Centers to take tests or quizzes.  This course does not meet as a class at any time.  However, students must visit a major art museum and complete a written assignment for the course.  Students can visit the art museum on their own time and complete the assignment at their own pace before the due date.  Full instructions are provided in the course.

The class is taught over Canvas, and you will need to set up a Canvas account if you do not have one already.  You can log into Cougarweb to set up an account.   After you set up your Canvas account the course should appear in your list of classes on the first day of class.  

All of our course assignments, discussions, and quizzes will be conducted over the Canvas course site. You should be proficient in using the internet and have access to Microsoft Word. All assignments in Word will have to be uploaded to the course site for grading, and you should already be familiar with uploading and downloading attachments. 

The textbook for this course is Gateways to Art, 2nd edition, by DeWitte, et al., Thames & Hudson.  Either a printed textbook or an e-book is an acceptable format. Supplemental online materials, including flashcards and quizzes, are available directly through the Canvas course site and the publisher’s web site.

I have taught Art Appreciation in both the classroom and the online formats, and the course content is the same.  If you want to do well in an online course plan on spending just as much time on course content as if you were sitting in a classroom.  If you were in the classroom for three hours a week then plan on working on your own for at least three hours a week at home.  Three hours a week at the least!  Keep up with the weekly due dates for course material.

If this will be your first online course I suggest that you visit the eCollin Learning Center (eLC) for tips on succeeding in an online environment.  The website for the eLC is: http://online.collin.edu.  They offer online orientations, and they will also meet with you in person.  You can bring in your laptop for orientation assistance.
Collin has replaced Blackboard with Canvas!   For more information on this new Collin online system see:  http://www.collin.edu/academics/ecollin/studentcanvasresources.aspx

Technical Support
If you have any technical problems, please call 972-377-1777. This support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, online support is available through the Online Support Center.

Access Canvas via Cougarweb - Course Available First Day of Each Semester

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