The Texas Center for Working-Class Studies

The Texas Center for Working-Class Studies, which began as Dr. Lisa Kirby’s Lebrecht Endowed Chair for Scholarly and Civic Engagement project (2013-2015), is now a center that is housed in the Division of Communication and Humanities at Collin College’s Plano Campus. The Center urges an appreciation of the academic discipline of Working-Class Studies and the centrality of class in order to understand the history, politics, economy, and culture of the United States.

The Center hosts an annual Labor Day kick-off event in the fall semester, as well as a one-day, interdisciplinary conference in the spring. It sponsors a registered student organization, Working-Class Heroes, and an annual student essay contest. The Center also provides support to faculty who may want to integrate Working-Class Studies into their pedagogy.

Mission: To raise awareness about issues of social class and work and to provide opportunities for collaboration among faculty, students, and community members.

Lisa A. Kirby, Professor of English

Advisory Board:
Millie Black, Political Science (Plano Campus)
Catie Brooks, Sociology (McKinney Campus)
Laura Hicks, Economics (Frisco Campus)
Melody Miyamoto Walters, History (McKinney Campus)
Chad Pearson, History (Plano Campus)
Michael Phillips, History (Plano Campus)
Mark Popowski, History (Frisco Campus)
Michael Schueth, English (Plano Campus)
Barbara Lusk Stern, Psychology (Plano Campus)
Larry Stern, Sociology (Plano Campus)
Sam Tullock, History (Plano Campus)
Lupita Tinnen, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (Frisco Campus)
Donald Weasenforth, Vice President/Provost (Frisco Campus)
Kyle Wilkison, History (Plano Campus)
Lishan Desta, Political Science (McKinney Campus)