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Student Work

Spring 2014 Semester Excerpts
Argument about the American Dream
"An Evolving American Dream"
"Independence Is the Key to the American Dream"
"The Effect of Criminal Background and Race on Employment Decision"
Critical Review of Waiting for Superman
"Heroes and Villains"
"Waiting for Education"
"Will Superman Come?"
Narrative of Work and Class
"My First Job"
"The Move"
"Transformation of Boys"
"Dinner with Schmucks"
Profile of a Worker
"Allen Smith"
"Michael Finnegan"
"The Horse Whisperer"
"The Life of a Radiologist"
This I Believe
"Put Your Shoulder Down"
"This I Believe" - Ramirez
"This I Believe" - Burns
"This I Believe" - Bell
Fall 2013 Semester Excerpts
"Ringing the Bell"
"A Story of My Career"
"New Life Reflect The Old"
"Bottom of the Food Chain"
"Moving From Class to Class"